Game Overview

Highest octane play to earn racing game in the metaverse
Ready Player Motorsports is a free to play and play-to-earn racing game that runs on the Polygon network. The game is a first-person driving game, where players can play for free against AI race cars, or buy into multiplayer races against players from around the world.
RPM requires to purchase or rent an NFT race car to participate in races. For multiplayer races, players must purchase "gas" via the RPM token to cover race fees. The combined gas fees of each race make up the prize pool for the winners.
In addition to race cars, the RPM ecosystem supports a variety of other NFT game assets including: fuel stations, skyboxes, and custom shops. RPM will continue to add NFT assets to the game to enhance the overall quality of the metaverse.
The RPM token is an ERC-20 token, which also runs on the Polygon network. The token is the currency of the game and also provides holders with a variety of other utilities.
Last modified 1yr ago